Why You Should Never Eat in Front of the TV

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Eating dinner in front of the TV is a nightly ritual for many people. But a new study shows that it may damage your health.

Researchers found it can be bad for you even if you only have it on the background.1

University of Minnesota scientists examined videos of 120 families eating dinner. The researchers noted whether the TV was on and analyzed the health of the meals.

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Breast Cancer: The First Sign Isn’t Always a Lump

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For decades, women have been told to be vigilant for one sign of breast cancer above all others: a lump on the breast. Women are taught how to perform self-exams for lumps as part of breast cancer awareness campaigns.

But the emphasis on breast lumps hides a surprising fact: The first symptom of breast cancer is often something else. In 17% of breast cancer cases, the earliest sign is not a lump, according to a new study.

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CDC Warning: Deadly New Superbug Spreads Through U.S. Hospitals

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A lethal new health threat has arrived in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—and nervous doctors—warn it is contagious, drug-resistant, and extremely deadly.1

Federal health officials report that 13 cases have already been confirmed. Four people are dead. And they fear the infection could spread quickly across the country.2

The fungus is part of the Candida family, Candida auris (C.

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80-Year-Old Male Model’s Secret for Successful Aging

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Wang Deshun is widely known as China’s “hottest grandpa.” He burst onto the international fashion scene last year as runway model…at age 80.1

His chiseled body and energetic step seem like those of a teenager. As he struts on stage, women of all ages swoon and shout in adoration at the sight of his thin waist and broad chest.

Off stage, everybody has one question for Wang: How does he defy aging?

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75% of Heart Attack Victims Break This Simple Rule

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More than 100,000 Americans die of a heart attack each year. But that number would be much lower if the vast majority of them didn’t ignore one simple rule…

Call 911.

A study in the journal Circulation found that only 23% of people in the hospital for chest pain called 911. The others either drove themselves or had someone else drive them.

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Your Spouse’s Stress Can Make You Fat

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Most of us know that stress can make us overeat and put on weight. But a new study shows that your spouse’s stress can also make you fat.1

University of Michigan researchers followed more than 1,000 older married couples. The subjects answered questions about their waist size, stress levels, and marriage quality over a four-year period. All respondents were in their early 60s.

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