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Answer: The Institute for Natural Healing was founded on the idea that everyone has the right to all options available for their health. And we should be free to make our own informed decisions. And we shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars, get the runaround from insurance companies, or be unwitting victims of Big Pharma.

INH gives you knowledge vital to your future health and the health of your loved ones. Things you won’t hear on the news, at your doctor’s office, or even from other natural health sources. We bring you the best treatments and the real facts straight from the source. Never from second-hand news sites or people posing as health experts—that just got their “information” from other second-hand sites and came to their own conclusions. Our research team digs through medical journals. They conduct one-on-one interviews with cutting-edge researchers in their fields, they fact-check and myth-bust, and only bring the real truths and the real health solutions to our community.

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Answer: Our most recent Health Watch articles will be featured on our website’s homepage: To find our older articles, visit the “Archives” page on our top menu and you will find all of our Health Watch articles.

Answer: Independent Healing is our flagship monthly newsletter. It was founded on the idea that everyone has the right to all options available for their health. Your doctor has access to this same information. But for whatever reasons—lack of time, effort, pressures from within the medical community, Big Pharma, and the FDA—he either doesn’t know about them, or he doesn’t share them with you. And that means you could be losing out on life-changing and life-saving knowledge. Independent Healing dives into a different health topic each month and gives you specific, step-by-step protocols to treat so many of the issues we face as we age. Protocols you simply won’t find anywhere else that get to the true, hidden cause of conditions. To learn more about Independent Healing’s latest research and join its over 35,000 members, click HERE.

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Answer: You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the address you provided, within an hour of ordering. That e-mail will contain the reports you receive along with your membership. If you don’t think you received a confirmation e-mail or have misplaced your reports, please contact us here. If you joined as a premium or platinum member, the additional reports that go with your membership will be housed in the Members Only area of this website, on the My Reports page.

Answer: You can contact Customer Care right now by clicking hereIf you would rather contact us by phone our friendly customer care representatives are available to assist you by calling toll-free (800) 818-7209, Monday–Friday from 8am–11pm Eastern Standard Time. If you are calling from outside the U.S. please use (443) 353-4357.

Each year before your membership anniversary, we automatically charge the card you used to join us with your renewal. That way you don’t have to worry about renewing each year before your subscription runs out. And we’ll always send you a reminder first, about a month before the charge.

If you see a charge for Inner Circle, that means you’re a part of our elite membership, The Inner Circle of Independent Healers. This charge is for your small yearly maintenance fee, to keep all the perks of your membership going—including your discount on supplements from New Summit Nutritionals.

Answer: If you wish to cancel your subscription to Independent Healing, please contact one of our customer care representatives toll free at (800) 818- 7209 (outside the U.S. call 1-(443) 353-4357). Inner Circle members call (888) 345-5131 (outside the U.S. 1-(443) 353-4456). We’re open Monday–Friday from 8 AM to 11 PM EST.