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Can This Smell Test Predict If You’ll Get Alzheimer’s?

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Can a simple smell test reveal if you’ll get Alzheimer’s?

Scientists believe that the brain changes behind Alzheimer’s disease start at least 10 years before memory problems set in. But right now there is no easy-to-administer diagnostic test to detect early signs of the brain-wasting illness.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston say they may have discovered a noninvasive way to predict if you’ll get Alzheimer’s.

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‘Spare Tire’ Worse for Heart than ‘Love Handles,’ Study Finds

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If you’re carrying extra weight, it’s better to have “love handles” than a “spare tire.”

That’s the take-home message of a new study that shows belly fat is worse for your heart than flab elsewhere.1 A lot worse.

Researchers collected data on 1,106 men and women whose average age was 45. Scientists measured subcutaneous adipose fat. This is fat just under the skin.

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Hate Having a Colonoscopy? Harvard Study Shows You Might Be Able to Skip It

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The colonoscopy may be the most-hated medical screening.

The prep is miserable. You have to fast the day before. And you have to take a laxative. This means hours of stomach cramping…and multiple emergency trips to the bathroom.

And the procedure itself is no picnic, either. It requires general anesthesia and a day of downtime. There is a risk of bowel perforation.

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Tomato Compounds Fight Heart Disease, Study Shows

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Natural compounds in tomatoes lower the most dangerous form of cholesterol, a new study shows.

Most of us know that HDL is “good” cholesterol and LDL is “bad.” But there’s a type of cholesterol that is even worse than LDL. It’s oxidized LDL.

Oxidation of LDL cholesterol occurs when regular LDL particles in your body react with free radicals. The resulting oxidized LDL is more reactive to surrounding tissue.

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Surprising Diet Secret of the World’s Oldest Person

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The world’s oldest person has lived to 117 by eating one food every day that cardiologists said would wreck her heart.

Emma Morano is the only living person known to have been alive during the 1800s. She was born on Nov. 29, 1899 in Verbania, Italy.

At age 20, Morano was diagnosed with anemia. Her doctor at the time told her to eat more eggs.

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