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The Germiest Object in Your House Is Not What You Think

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Researchers have discovered the most germ-infested object in your house. And it’s probably not what you think.

It’s not door handles… It’s not floors… It’s not even the toilet seat. In fact, this item holds 200,000 times more germs on average than a toilet seat.

Researchers at the University of Arizona tested dozens of household objects and surfaces in 22 homes.

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They Kill You in Your Sleep

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When it comes to opioid painkillers, overdoses get the big headlines. And for good reason.

Prescription pain medications cause nearly 30,000 overdose deaths a year.1 The late rock star Prince was one recent victim.

But it turns out that overdoses may not even be the biggest danger of opioids. A major new study finds the drugs can kill people in their sleep by causing heart problems.

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The Poison You Eat Every Day

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Atrazine is a weed killer that turns male frogs into females. It’s linked to birth defects, delayed puberty, and breast and prostate cancers in people.

Here’s something even scarier… Even though this poison is banned in Europe, it’s in 94% of the drinking water—and much of the food we eat—in the U.S.1

About 70 million pounds of atrazine are dumped onto farm fields and lawns in the U.S.

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Dental X-Rays Double Your Chances of a Brain Tumor

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You’re in the dentist chair to get your teeth cleaned and sooner or later your hygienist or dentist is likely to say, “It’s time for your annual X-rays.”

Here’s why you should just say “no.”

For years, dentists and the American Dental Association (ADA) have told us that we need yearly “bitewing” X-rays. They are required to find cavities that a visual exam might have overlooked, we are told.

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What the CDC Isn’t Telling You About Zika

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Last week, the Food and Drug Administration quietly released a statement to blood donation sites in South Florida. In it, they warned the establishments to stop collecting blood immediately.

Why? Because the state was investigating an undisclosed number of Zika virus cases in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

According to the agency, these cases are not travel related. In other words, they could be the first incidences of the Zika virus spread by mosquitoes in the continental U.S.

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Scientists: Mouse Poop and Rat Hair in Your Food… Why That’s a Good Thing

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The FDA publishes something called the Defect Levels Handbook. It sets allowable limits for “natural or unavoidable defects in foods that present no health hazards for humans.”

You might be surprised what is allowed in food. The FDA lists 179 “defects” allowed in over 100 types of foods we eat. Many of them are stomach-turning.

The most common defect, with 71 mentions, is insects.

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