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This One Vitamin Is a Godsend to Asthma Sufferers

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Great news for asthma sufferers: Researchers have found a simple, natural way to cut the risk of a severe asthma attack in half.

Asthma is an enormous and sometimes deadly health threat to the 25 million Americans who have it. More 3,000 people a year in the U.S. die from the lung illness.1

Researchers from the Cochrane Review gathered data from seven double-blind placebo-controlled studies of vitamin D’s ability to prevent asthma attacks.

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Is Wi-Fi Radiation the Reason You Feel Lousy?

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They are called “the undiagnosed.” These are people who go through life feeling lousy. Their doctors are unable to help them or explain the cause of their problems.1

They may suffer symptoms that match a wide range of illnesses, including dizziness, fatigue, nausea, insomnia, headaches, or heart palpitations.2

After going through tests that show nothing is wrong, these patients may be told “it’s all in your head.” And they may resign themselves to living in misery.

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MIT Scientists: Sneeze Germs Travel 26 Feet

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Sneezing is one of the primary ways disease is spread. You can catch anything from a cold to meningitis to tuberculosis from another person’s sneeze.1

In an effort to understand the dangers of a sneeze, MIT launched an exhaustive study. Scientists wanted to know how far and how fast the germs spread.

Researchers used high-speed cameras recording 4,000 frames per second to minutely detail what exactly emanates from the nose and mouth during sneezes.

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Never Do This if You Have High Blood Pressure

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Habitually eating a late dinner can triple your risk of a deadly heart attack if you have high blood pressure, a new study finds.1

Normally, your blood pressure goes down by about 10% at night. But eating within two hours of bedtime releases a rush of stress hormones that stops your blood pressure from dropping.2 It keeps your body on “high alert” and maintains your blood pressure at daytime levels when you are sleeping.

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No. 1 Killer: Why Cancer Is Catching Up to Heart Disease

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Heart disease has been America’s top killer for decades. But a new government report shows that cancer is closing in fast.

In 2000, cancer was the number one killer in just two states, Alaska and Minnesota. But now, cancer is the top killer in 22 states and gaining fast, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control1

The chart below shows how cancer is taking over.

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Hillary’s Pneumonia: The One Vitamin That Can Cure Her Fast

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Hillary Clinton’s doctors are doing what most doctors do when a patient has pneumonia: They are dosing her with antibiotics.

But there’s a problem with this strategy. Chances are, antibiotics will do absolutely nothing to help her.

Pneumonia is a serious infection of the lungs. It can be caused by a virus or bacteria. In Clinton’s case, doctors don’t yet know which it is.

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