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7 Ways to Improve Your Health in 1 Minute (Or Less)

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We often think that staying healthy requires a major commitment… Long hours of exercise, diet planning, studying food labels, or choosing the right supplements.

But some of the most important things you can do take almost no time at all. Here are seven science-backed strategies that can boost your health in one minute or less:

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The Germiest Object in Your House Is Not What You Think

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Researchers have discovered the most germ-infested object in your house. And it’s probably not what you think.

It’s not door handles… It’s not floors… It’s not even the toilet seat. In fact, this item holds 200,000 times more germs on average than a toilet seat.

Researchers at the University of Arizona tested dozens of household objects and surfaces in 22 homes.

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Why You Should Stay Away from Sick People in the Morning

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If you catch a virus in the morning, you will likely get far sicker than if you are exposed later in the day.

Those are the findings of a fascinating new Cambridge University study that examined the effect of body clock rhythm on viral immunity.

Researchers found that viruses multiply 10 times faster when they are injected into mice early in the day versus later.

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One Everyday Food That’s Wrecking Your Diet

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A new study has found that there is one common food item that most Americans need to dump from their diet.

Most of us eat it every day. We may even think it’s healthy. But it gives you 100 extra empty calories a day. That means you’ll gain more than 10 pounds over a year.1

Striking this food from your diet not only can help you lose weight… It can lower your blood pressure—and lessen sugar’s harmful effects on your health.

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