Why You Should Never Eat in Front of the TV

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Eating dinner in front of the TV is a nightly ritual for many people. But a new study shows that it may damage your health.

Researchers found it can be bad for you even if you only have it on the background.1

University of Minnesota scientists examined videos of 120 families eating dinner. The researchers noted whether the TV was on and analyzed the health of the meals.

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Protein Drinks Cut Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

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Whey protein drinks have long been used by bodybuilders to add muscle. More recently, they’ve become popular among seniors seeking a way to stay strong as they age.

But new research shows that protein supplements may be good for everyone. A surprising UK study found they lower blood pressure and cut the risk of heart attack and stroke.1

Researchers at the University of Reading had 38 people with borderline high blood pressure drink two commercial powdered whey protein shakes per day for eight weeks.

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Dr. Eliaz: Simple Diet Fixes for Lasting Energy

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Food has many contexts: pleasure, medicine, comfort, sustenance. But perhaps most important of all, food is energy. And healthy digestion is central to converting food into long-lasting energy our cells can use.

Quite often, the same foods that expand our waistlines also sabotage our cellular energy metabolism.

In my last article, I revealed how to get your digestion on the “right tract” with supplements.

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One Soda a Day Doubles Diabetes Risk… Even If It’s Diet

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It’s well established that drinking sugary soda can lead to obesity, diabetes, and many other health problems. But many people think they are protecting themselves by opting for zero-calorie diet soda instead.

We’ve said for years that diet sodas aren’t any healthier for you. And now, a new study confirms what we’ve known all along…

Drinking the equivalent of just over one can of soda a day more than doubles the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to Swedish researchers.

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5 Natural Antibiotics That Get Rid of Infections Fast

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After World War II there was a steep rise in certain diseases. They included asthma, allergies, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux, and eczema.

Although it’s not technically a disease, one other condition also skyrocketed: Obesity.

Some doctors call these conditions “modern plagues.” That’s because they were relatively rare before the 20th century. It’s long been a mystery why they suddenly took hold.

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Vegetarian Diet Doesn’t Help Your Heart, Study Finds

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A massive new study shows that a vegetarian diet is no more heart-healthy than one with meat.1

Rutgers University scientists have painstakingly analyzed the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. This is a major research effort that took a detailed look at the health and nutritional status of more than 12,000 Americans.2

The analysis showed that 2.3% of the people in the survey were vegetarians.

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