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Why Pill Organizers Actually Make You Sicker

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If you’re using a pill organizer, you might want to throw it in the garbage. A new study has found that older people who start using a pill organizer are actually more likely to become ill.1

Big Pharma loves pill organizers. They make a fortune when people take so many drugs they need a special box to keep track of them.

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Big Pharma: We’ll Decide the Rules for Painkillers

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It’s no secret our nation is in the midst of a prescription drug addiction epidemic. Since 1999, fatal painkiller overdoses have quadrupled. So have sales of these dangerous medications.1

The latest numbers show that 165,000 Americans have died in the epidemic.

This is more Americans than were killed in World War I, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War… combined.

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How the Gov’t Is Using Your Tax Money to Kill You

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Do you think your tax dollars should be spent to make you sick? Of course not.

But that is exactly what researchers found when they set out to determine the effect on public health of $170 billion in government farm subsidies.

The federal government uses your tax money to pay for corn, soy, wheat, and dairy farming. This keeps these foods cheap.

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Study: Multivitamin Supplement May Reverse Brain Aging

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A dietary supplement blend has shown remarkable anti-aging properties in a new study.

The supplement appears to prevent and even reverse the decline in brain structure associated with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers said.

Dr. Jennifer Lemon is a research associate at McMaster University in Canada. She led the study. The brain effects of the supplement left her “shocked, along with everybody else,” she said.

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New Test Diagnoses Alzheimer’s with 100% Accuracy

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Researchers have made what promises to be a huge Alzheimer’s breakthrough.

For decades, doctors have struggled to accurately diagnose the brain disease. In fact, there was no way to get a definitive diagnosis until after a patient died and their brain could be examined in an autopsy.

The problem is that Alzheimer’s symptoms often mimic those of other conditions. They include depression, drug side effects, and urinary tract infections.

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You’re Better Off Taking a Sugar Pill Than an Antidepressant

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Overprescribing of antidepressant drugs is reaching new levels of insanity. A new study finds that doctors write almost half of antidepressant prescriptions for patients who aren’t even depressed.

Canadian researchers examined more than 100,000 prescriptions for antidepressant drugs. The study was recently published in JAMA. It found doctors were handing out the medications for everything from pain to insomnia.1

There is no clinical evidence that antidepressants are effective against these problems.

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