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Dr. Eliaz: Balance the Scales of Digestion and Weight Control

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By Dr. Isaac Eliaz

People don’t become obese overnight. It’s an incremental process—a pound here, a pound there. Still, at such a rate, it may only take a few years before we’re 30…40…even 50 pounds heavier than our ideal weight.

Even though the process is gradual, we can still see it happening. Clothing that once fit perfectly is now in the Goodwill bag.

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Can’t Get to 10,000 Steps? Don’t Sweat It

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Fitness gurus have been preaching for years that we should take at least 10,000 steps a day for good health. And with the popularity of Fitbits and other personal trackers, the quest to reach that goal has become an obsession with some people.

But new research shows that if you don’t reach that daily target, you shouldn’t sweat it. There’s an easy way to get the same fitness benefits from far fewer steps: Simply walk faster.

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The Right Kind of Brain Training Keeps Seniors Driving

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There’s one thing seniors fear more than anything else: Loss of independence.

One study found that older Americans are more terrified of not being able to care for themselves than they are of death.1 And unless you live in a big city, the ability to drive can be vital for independent living. That’s why many seniors hang onto their license for as long as they possibly can.

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Never Do This When You’re Angry

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Many people like to cope with anger with a hard workout. That’s a bad idea.

In fact, it could kill you, according to a new study.1

Researchers from the Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine Residency Program in Springfield, Pa., gathered data from over 12,000 heart attack victims in 52 countries.

The participants completed questionnaires asking the kind of “triggers” they had experienced before their heart attack.

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Creepy Clown Panic: What You Need to Know

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In one of the most bizarre trends ever, the nation is gripped in a growing clown panic.

There are reports that clown-costumed figures have attempted to kidnap children. Clowns have reportedly robbed gas stations and restaurants.1 Some schools have been locked down after receiving clown-related threats.

And even President Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest was asked how the administration was dealing with the clown epidemic.

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Combining These Two Foods Stops Cancer

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For years, cancer researchers have been baffled by a phenomenon called the “Japanese lung cancer paradox.”

American men who smoke have a 40 times greater risk of lung cancer than men who don’t smoke.

But Japanese men who smoke have a much lower incidence of lung cancer than American smokers. Their risk is still high—6.3 times greater than nonsmokers—but it’s just a fraction of the threat faced by American tobacco users.

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